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Using Good Chinese Phrases [好词 好句]

Today, most Chinese teacher or tutor emphasis the learning and memorizing the effective Chinese phrases. [Chinese idioms, similes and others] [成语, 俗语, 彦语].

Memorizing Good Chinese Phrases

It is very effective in Chinese writing either in composition writing or comprehension answering. The Chinese phrases books are available in town bookshop and school bookshop. Student that using good Chinese phrases such as idioms, quotes in the composition writing has gains marks in each test or examination. By memorize some of the phrases and use it in the creative essay writing shows that student is proficient in the language.

Correct use of Good Chinese Phrases

Students who memorize Chinese phrases without understanding its meaning can use it wrongly and sometimes write the Chinese word wrongly. Chinese creative writing requires a lot of practice like composition, comprehension and situational essay writing.
There are some Chinese phrases which can be used in different usage and can be found in the introduction, conclusions and some are in between paragraphs. Most model essay books do shown how to use the Chinese phrases effectively in each paragraphs.

Composition / Essay Writing

Essay writing is one of the key topics in Chinese Study. It is good to memorize some short phrases that might fall into the category of idioms, similes and proverbs. The quality of the essay is to have extensive use of complex phrases which demonstrates the student's linguistic prowess.

Chinese Phrases

Understanding the meaning of the Chinese phrases is very important. In the model essay books, it has many Chinese phrases in each essay and it is good to memorize it for your creative writing and composition writing. By using sophisticated Chinese phrases, words and quotes from scholars and famous writers will help you improve your marks in Chinese Study.

Benefits of Home Chinese Tuition

Every child is different and performs differently in schools. The children differ in the behaviour, learning and grasping power. The performance of each child is different in each family. Some students are very brilliant and some need extra attention and care. 

Some brilliant students have to keep the pace of getting good results in School. Most weak students have to struggle for getting good results. 
Many parents seek for private home tuition to keep up with the examination results in each term.

Can home tuition benefits both brilliant and weak students?

Given extra care and attention from the home tutor which is helpful in imparting the knowledge and the student is free to ask questions to clear the doubt and learning. In class-room condition, the student may be shy to ask question because some classmates may laugh at him. With the private home tuition the student is more comfortable to ask question and the tutor can explain in details with example and pictorial drawing. In this situation, the student can get maximum benefits from Chinese tuition tutor.

Personalized Relationship

In private Chinese tuition, the student is able to share the opinions and ideas with his tutor and they feel closer and tell them about the weaker subjects and fears which may not be possible in the regular class-room sessions. This will help both student and teacher to work towards improving them and hence the student is able to feel good about him. Home tuition is bale to open every communication channel for tutors and students participating in private home Chinese tuition.

Involvement of Parents

With private Chinese tuition, parents are able to keep track of the performance of their children and they are able to get in touch with the tutors to see the progress of their children. The tutor can tell them better what should be the steps taken towards improving the scores of their children. The parents will be informed about each and every activity of their children.

We have seen that the benefits from private home tuition are numerous; however, the parents must keep check on their children and make sure that the children must not be over burdened and feel stressed out with the extra coaching in the form of private tuition. They must speak with their children regarding how they are feeling about the tutor and the tuition.

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