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#47 : A-level GP Tuition for JC in Singapore

Looking for good General Paper tuition for Junior College (JC) in Singapore?

Do you want to excel in General Paper (GP)? Are you looking for a good GP tutor who provides effective General Paper tuition in Singapore? We are the best tuition agency of choice for - JC A-level subjects. We will fulfill your requirements as per your request. Our General Paper tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective tuition at your home.
For best General Paper tuition in Singapore, look no further than Stanford-Tuition. We are proud to be among the best tuition agency in Singapore that has the best GP tutor in Singapore.
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A-level General Paper in Singapore

A-level General Paper (GP) is about the knowledge of current affairs including understanding our place in the world. The students need to understand the world and take care of the critical awareness of various economics, political and social issues in the curriculum. The students have to broaden their global outlook while remaining thoughtful of shared historical and social experiences in Singapore and the Region. The students need the development of mature thought, critical  thinking skills, and evaluation of arguments, opinions and the proficient use of the language.

General Paper Tuition for JC A-level Students

A-level General Paper Tuition equips you with the necessary content knowledge to answer questions pertaining to the topic of focus. At Junior College, the academic demands on the students are high. A strong foundation in English language, linguistics’ skills and a broad knowledge of current affairs are required in the General Paper examination. As a tuition agency, we understand these academic demands and we like to help the students succeed academically.
You are here, looking for a good GP tutor who has an effective English language, Linguistics’ skills and a broad knowledge of current affairs. You have come to the right place.
Stanford Tuition provides the experienced and affordable GP tutors.  A GP tutor teaches the students how to write and prepare better answer and presentation according to the question asked.

What is A-level General Paper?

A-level General Paper (GP) aims to develop in students the ability to think critically, to construct cogent arguments and to communicate their ideas using clear, accurate and effective language.
The syllabus and examination are intended for all candidates who follow the General Paper (GP) course of study at the H1 level examination.

How can I do well in GP?

GP isn't a subject that you can see an instant improvement in if you just write endless notes of content for it. It requires plenty of practice as making a coherent, cogent argument is a skill that develops over time with more writing and analysing your own mistakes, as well as examining closely the way others argue.

General Paper Syllabus 8807 for 2020 Examination

General Paper is an H1 academic subject at GCE A-level in the Ministry of Education system in Singapore. All students studying GCE A-level in Junior Colleges in Singapore have to study this subject, with the exception of those studying Knowledge and Inquiry (KI). The examination for General Paper consists of two parts:
Paper 1 – Essay Writing,
Paper 2 – Comprehension.
General Paper tuition is a compulsory H1 A-level subject. General Paper tuition is for students to cover more local and global topics. The syllabus is for developing the maturity of thought, independent thinking and the proficient of language of each student. It provides students with a good foundation to thrive in a fast-changing world. Students will have a broader understanding of the world. They can ready to meet the challenges of higher education and the workplace of the future.

Critical Creative Thinking Skills

The General Paper tuition syllabus is designed to develop the student’s skills:
  • Develop maturity of thought and apply critical creative thinking skills.
  • Using the ability to analyze and evaluate the issues across the disciplines. We are showing the awareness of their significance and implications for the individual and society.
  • Using the ability to construct cogent arguments and communicate the ideas using clear, accurate and effective communication and language.
  • Promote extensive and independent research and reading.
  • Appreciate the inter-relationship of ideas across different disciplines.
  • Broaden their global outlook – enabling them to share historical, cultural and social experiences within Singapore and regionally.
  • Better understanding of the changing world in which we live in. We are fostering the critical awareness of the changes in the human development and experience with continuity.
General Paper tuition
General Paper tuition

Assessment of A-level General Paper Syllabus

Students need to sit for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. 
Paper 1 and Paper 2 are taken at separate sittings and on the same day.
(a) Paper 1 : Essay
  • The Paper 1 comprises 12 questions on issues drawn from across disciplines of local interest and global concern. Students are to answer only one question.
  • Student required to write an essay of 500 to 800 words in response to one of the 12 Essay questions.
  • Marks: Content (30 marks) and Use of English (20 marks)
  • Duration: 1 hr 30 minutes
(b) Paper 2 : Comprehension
The Paper II comprises one or two passages for students to analyst:
  • Students demonstrate their ability to reason, comprehend, explain, evaluate the statements from the texts.
  • The application question requires students to respond to a task derived from the texts, based on their understanding and interpretation of the texts.
  • Questions cover understanding (17 marks), summary (8 marks) and application (10 marks).
  • Content (35 marks) and Use of English (15 marks)
  • Duration: 1 hr 30 minutes

H1 General Paper Syllabus 8807 for 2022 Examinations

2022 A-Level Syllabus (H1 General Paper)

8807 H1 General Paper Tuition Programme

The suggested topics for 8807 H1 General Paper tuition are:
  • Historical, social, cultural, economic, political and philosophical topics – Focus on specific themes on each term. Reading packages are prepared to guide students in their reading. These packages contain articles relevant to the themes. It consists of essential questions, essay questions, cultural literacy, vocabulary, historical timeline, economic, political and philosophical topics. Students need to participate actively with the given test based on each package.
  • History, philosophy, science, including the current developments and applications. Activities include group discussion, class presentations, use of videos and research assignments. Frequent online and ICT learning resources to stimulate learning
  • Topics of local interest and global concern. Students explore a range of key issues of local and global significance. It provides them with a good foundation to thrive in a fast-changing world. The enrichment lectures to broaden students’ content knowledge.
  • Language, literature and arts are basic skills to equip students writing skills for both Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Mathematical and geographical topics. Students are to read widely and independently. They do research and collect General Paper resources and examples for record and online sharing. They read, comprehend, evaluate, infer and summarise from the evidence of the topics in 'The Economist and Times magazines'.
  • Students participate in essay competitions, seminars and quizzes – organised by external organisations.
  • Note: There are no pre-requisites for H1 General Paper.

How To Maximise Your GP Tuition?

General Paper (GP) is important,you get to know how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. The economics can also provide valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life. It is a driving force of human interaction.
General Paper is an important subject. To understand and do well in the study of General Paper, you choose to have General Paper tuition. It is an investment for knowledge. It is your responsibility to learn well for your economics examination. The best General Paper tutor in the Singapore, can make a difference to your study, unless you are putting in your time to do further research and study including co-operating with your General Paper tutor.
Before and After General Paper class - Revision Tips
  • Read up to get yourself familiar with the content. In the class lesson, you will noticed that you are ahead of your learning situation and the retention rate is much better. After class, you can spend 5 to10 minutes to recall what the teacher had taught you in the last 1 hour. This can help you to achieve up to 95% of your retention rate.
    On the same evening, when you are at home doing home-works, you will notice that perform is better because of higher retention rate power. It's important to recall and recap after each lesson.
  • All responsible learning students, it is your job to pay attention in the class-lesson or classroom. Jotting down valuable points and notes during lesson is critical for better power of memorising of what you had just learned.
    It is a good practise to avoid getting distracted by electronic devices, phones and etc.
  • Asking questions during the class-lesson will not only make it more interactive, but will also help you to improve learning and memorising better. It enables students to resolve their queries with different opinions and ideas. This helps to gain better understanding of the topic.

Engaging a good GP Tutor

A good General Paper tutor will encourage and motivate the student towards better understanding in learning the General Paper. It is wise to engage a good General Paper tutor to provide the necessary General Paper tuition. Even the student is attending the normal classes in school.
The process of finding a good General Paper tutor for your child is to fill a Request-Tutor Form online. Our coordinator would call you for more details before searching from the data-base.

Tuition Rates for General Paper in Singapore

Student Level
Uni Student
Full-Time Tutor (Degree)
IP5 (JC-1) yr11 $40 - 55/hour $55 - 70/hour $90 - 110/hour
IP6 (JC-2) yr12 $45 - 55 $60 - 70 $90 - 120
We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Request for General Paper GP Tutor

To engage a home General Paper tutor, please submit the Request-Tutor-Form or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable home General Paper tutor for you, as per your Request-Form.
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