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IP Physics Tuition in Singapore

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Do you want to excel in this subject - Physics? Are you looking for a good Physics Tutor who provides effective tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for Primary, Secondary O-level, JC A-level subjects. We will fulfill your requirements as per your request. Our Physics tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective tuition at your home.
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Secondary Physics - IP Physics, O-level Physics Tuition

Today, we are living in the information age. Many students are having Physics tutor to provide them with Physics Tuition. Technology is basic necessity. Technology has its roots in Physics. With good understanding of Physics, you can appreciate the technology better. It helps us to understand the technological advancements. Majority of the Physics tutors spend 3 to 4 years in the University reading Physics and now they are
here providing Physics Tuition for IP Physics and O-level Physics.

Physics Tutors for IP and O-level

There is no secret that Singapore's educational system is one of the best in the entire South East Asia. This is all thanks to its Government's conviction to provide each student with a complete and best education system, especially in Science and Maths subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Most of the Physics tutors spend 3 to 4 years in the University reading Physics. Now they are here providing Physics Tuition to our students: IP Physics and O-level Physics. One-to-One physics tuition in Singapore allows your child to get a quality education with personalized instruction. If you are looking for an affordable physics tutor, you are at the right place. we guarantee to meet each and every request for a physics tutor.

Learning Physics

Physics is one of the science subjects. Study this subject is going to benefit the students. There are many reasons why we should learn Physics. Some of the benefits are listed here below: 
Physics is a subject if you wish to pursue higher education in the field of Science, Engineering, Industrial Technology, Materials and Building Science. You need to have good passed in Physics before you can be accepted into this course at tertiary level in University.

Singapore Tuition Rates guide. We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Student Level
Full-Time tutor (Degree)
Pri 1~2 | yr 1~2 $25 - 30/hr $30 - 35/hr $50 - 55
Pri 3~4 | yr 3~4 $25 - 35 $30 - 40 $50 - 55
Pri 5~6 | yr 5~6 $30 - 35 $35 - 45 $50 - 65
Student Level
Full-Time tutor (Degree)
IP1 (Sec1) yr7 $35 - 45/hr $35 - 65/hr $60 - 80/hr
IP2 (Sec2) yr8 $35 - 45 $38 - 65 $60 - 80
IP3 (Sec3) yr9 $38 - 50 $45 - 70 $80 - 100
IP4 (Sec4) yr10 $38 - 50 $50 - 70 $85 - 100
IP5 (JC-1) yr11 $40 - 50 $55 - 70 $90 - 110
IP6 (JC-2) yr12 $40 - 50 $60 - 70 $90 - 120

Student Level
Degree Holder
Uni Lecturer
PhD Lecturer
Sec 3~4 (Programming) $65/hr $70 - 85/hr $70 - 85/hr
Poly $65 - 70/hr $70 - 85/hr $70 - 85/hr
University $70 - 85 $80 - 100 $80 - 100

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